WSU Pullman

Office of the Chancellor

The Office of the Chancellor, led by inaugural Chancellor Elizabeth Chilton, supports the operational excellence of WSU’s flagship campus.


WSU Pullman is not only the oldest and largest campus of the WSU system—as the flagship and fully residential campus, it serves as the cornerstone of innovation, creativity, research, and Cougar spirit for the system. Originally established as the “Washington Agricultural College, Experiment Station, and School of Science,” WSU has expanded tremendously over the course of its 132-year history, establishing four additional physical campuses across the state and a Global campus that serves students remotely from around the world.

When the legislature approved WSU’s original multi-campus system in 1989, they did so with the expectation that all campuses would develop focus areas directed at the needs of their distinct student bodies and communities. Following the completion of the WSU System Strategic Plan in 2020 and the subsequent OneWSU Initiative, it became clear that it was critical to have an Office of the Chancellor dedicated to the Pullman campus. In 2021, Elizabeth Chilton was named the inaugural WSU Pullman Chancellor.

2023-2028 WSU Pullman Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Focus Areas

Focus Area 1: Equitable Student Success

WSU Pullman is a vibrant, accessible, and technologically advanced campus that values diversity and inclusiveness and attracts deeply committed students who become lifelong ambassadors for the campus. Students are supported inside and outside of the classroom, are able to achieve their educational goals within a safe and secure learning environment, and feel a strong sense of belonging at WSU Pullman.
The Spark Building on the WSU Pullman Campus

Focus Area 2: Innovation in Research and Creative Activities

WSU Pullman is developing and enhancing innovative research and creative activity that directly supports its communities and stakeholders. It stands as a premier research campus where all students, staff, and faculty can attain their aspirations and experience affinity to and a sense of belonging within WSU Pullman.
An image of the visitors center on the WSU Pullman campus

Focus Area 3: Employee Development, Wellness, and Belonging

WSU Pullman has a diverse workforce of highly talented, productive, engaged, and successful employees. It is staffed appropriately to support its operations and is providing an environment in which employees thrive.
An image of the art museum on the WSU Pullman campus

Focus Area 4: Community Engagement

Centered in a true college town, WSU Pullman is the standard for rural excellence. Through strong partnerships in the region, WSU Pullman has created a welcoming environment for all who visit, and its commitment to belonging has inspired those who visit to stay as permanent residents.
An image of the Floyd center on the WSU Pullman campus

Focus Area 5: Institutional Effectiveness and Accessibility

WSU Pullman is a well-informed and engaged community responsive to continually increasing access and equity. Planning processes and procedures at the institution are structured to enhance institutional effectiveness, efficiency, and success and prioritize the inclusion of input from community stakeholders.

For a downloadable PDF version of the plan, please click here.

The Strategic Plan in Action

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